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Well ya'll its been a CRAZY start to 2018. The twinzies have been busy keeping the idea of what it means to be "ARMED & GLAMOROUS" alive. After our amazing Camo Jackets we had to have something to add to our line that had a little sass. More than sass we needed a little print. Half of the design team can't live without color/print so we had to add something else a little extra. For starters when it comes to sass we wanted something for our girls. Leggings are that basic go to when it comes to gym slaying or just part of that survival kit for fashion on the street. We wanted to create a legging/yoga pant that leaves a statement in comfort and appeal. In essence, to create a signature piece that says "I'm here to raise a little hell & your gonna remember me."

Fashion is about leaving an imprint...something to remember so we had to make a legging that said just that. Being confident at times can be difficult but we want to arm everyone who rocks our brand with that. We want to always remind everyone to believe in your story, what you stand for, & to chase your dreams because that is what truly matters in this life. 

Our leggings literally started as a black canvas...blank and we had so many ideas. Being solely for our girls this time we wanted to add a little glamour. Feeling badass and glamorous is always a must with a little bit too much. Courtney lives by that and who says we all can't be both???? We incorporated ideas that trace back to the beginning of our brand. An AK 47 symbolizing power, strength, and respect. Again, that is the message we want everyone to remember when they see our "ARMED GEAR." Other accents on these babes included "ARMED," down one side because words hold meaning as well. You are always armed with what makes you strong and our "ARMOR" has always been our clothing. In addition to our key images on the sides of the leggings are the "3" stripes because we have always considered odd numbers lucky. With a little luck diamonds are always included because guess what in our eyes you should always believe you are indeed a "DIAMOND," and at times those bullets you bare/scars indeed with pressure over time create diamonds. 💎You rise above what you have been through so that detail on the back left was necessary. With all these ideas in mind our little "ARMED & GLAMOROUS" leggings were born.
When it comes to blending in our 'ARMED GEAR" is going to definitely always make you stand out. We both have always had a passion for camo because for some that is indeed the "new black." For us it is just a basic color like cheetah 💥 because we are "CAMO WEARING KINDA GIRLS..." We had to find some "REALTREE CAMO" because there was just no other way plus some hunter neon orange. For our guys after the leggings we had a few feelings hurt. What's pretty cool is we always constantly get feedback. We love it because it helps us go forward and create something even better the next time. Its even better when our guy friends rock our gear. We couldn't ask for a better ARMED SQUAD! So we  had to make something badass for them. We didn't make them too glamorous for our guys we wanted something that they felt hey this is a good go to for me and I can definitely use this piece to wear on the daily. 
These hoodies are meant for that girl too as well to rock as a fashion statement because camo is just a basic must for us especially with pink always. Added print just makes our little line that much more fun. It is still small but we are having so much fun with it. We have always been mid-west girls with California souls but we have dirt road anthem roots. With both our guys and dolls in mind we took again a blank canvas (literally not) with real-tree print and took it to the next level. We put some neon hunter orange spirit into these beauties with our logos in a different orange one to be exact. 
Dressing everyday for us is like preparing for war. It's one of those things that you love doing but for us its always been an outlet. We get asked a lot how long does it take you to get ready? Why would you wear that? Well, we have always been a little fun and that's what we want our brand to be. Never change darlings because guess what you will never truly be happy if you don't be true to yourself and in our case wear what you want to wear. We don't always have a straight shot both of our journeys have been so different yet we are still fighting to keep what we believe to be true. You have to believe in what makes your soul happy the rest is just about keeping that image of what it means to be "ARMED & GLAMOROUS" close to your heart.
the Twinzies*