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We found our "Dream Closet: Wynk Boutique" long before we left for our California adventure. Wynk has always been more than just a boutique but rather a constant inspiration & runway show. Its like finding your soulmate you just know especially with the perfect outfit. Since high-school Wynk has always been that escape. It's literally like stepping into a big closet with pieces pulled from different parts of the world. You find things at Wynk that you can't find anywhere else. Brigitte the owner and buyer of Wynk has always just had a talent for being ahead, knowing what women will feel beautiful in,  and picking special statement pieces that you can't just find anywhere. Each of our own closets has many hidden treasures from Wynk that include denim, boots, hats, scarves, dresses, jewels, and so much more that we still rock even from 5 years ago that still is cute and current. Wynk has always been a place for fashion, style, luxury, & dreams. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Truly, Wynk is more than just a store to us and so many others. Growing up and going through college Brigitte has been a huge support of these crazy twinzies long before we worked there. When we up and moved to San Diego, California to attend FIDM (THE FASHION INSTITUTE OF DESIGN & MERCHANDISING) she helped us with so many projects. At school and out in about in Cali  we always got asked where do ya'll shop? Well, the answer was almost always Wynk...and they would always ask where is that located (Nebraska of course!)? Fashion is about the people who want to rock it and it takes talent and a true gift. Brigitte has created a boutique that specializes in denim, women's apparel, boots/shoes, & what women will feel confident and beautiful in. That we feel is part of what has always made Wynk such an inspiration to us. Truly, at the end of the day its the people that impact your life keep you fighting your ammunition.
Besides the clothes, the people that work and come into shop at  Wynk are truly amazing. Its amazing the people we have gotten to know through Wynk and their stories. So many have inspired us and shown us that there are some pretty amazing people out there who love clothes just as much as we do! This store provides a place for guests to come in and feel a connection to a place that brings life into humanity/connections and to ones self. Fashion/ clothing is part of everyday life. Each day we all put something together that will make us feel good, special, and fit who we are. We all make choices in who we want to be and what we want to show and what we wear is a big part of that. What we wear tells a story of who we are and Wynk we both has always felt is a place that specializes in helping people do just that. Feeling beautiful in who you are is very important. Wynk is a place that connects not only people but the confidence and beauty in one's self. A boutique like Wynk is unique because you will find so many statement pieces that make up a life, and have a place to go that the dolls who work there speicalize in clothing and creating a story that you want to tell through your clothing. 

Life after FIDM has included working two crazy work schedules and the past 2 years at Wynk we have learned so much and Brigitte lets us play. Fashion isn't just making things look pretty its knowing the business side as well as the merchandising, social media, and connecting with that guest. We have learned so much and with that we have started our very own brand ARMED & GLAMOROUS. It's pretty amazing when you have the support of those around you to follow your dreams and be exactly who you are. Brigitte has always encouraged us to do our own thing and follow our own path full of sparkles, prints, a little fire, ammunition, and something always a little too much; the twinzies. Since the beginning literally  on a sketch pad we always dreamed that maybe just maybe Wynk might want to carry our brand. We never expected it but Brigitte asked us and now our brand will be featured at our very own dream closet. This is just one place that we have spent endless hours at basically our second home decorating for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentines. With all the brands we love at Wynk now ours will have a home our first brick-and-mortar store for ARMED & GLAMOROUS. 

 Wynk has always been a place that we go to even when we aren't working. It's like a wonderland to us and escape or fashion escape rather. It will always be a part of both of us and what we stand for. Our brand is a piece of us and with that Wynk is part of our legacy and looking back over the years and after graduating neither of us would change any of it. The journey is a wild one and who knew after attending FIDM that some how we would end up working at one of our favorite places to shop & that eventually we would have our very own brand featured along with name brands that we look up too. Brigitte sets the bar pretty high and we are so thankful that our brand now will be featured at Wynk Boutique. 



5012 3rd Ave, Ste 180