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Twenty-Something Fearless

The twenties may include daisies, fairy dust, glitter, and lots of black paint ,but to be honest it is definitely the learning phase. That learning includes far beyond bad outfits and late nights. The twenties is for getting your heart broken several times, learning trust and losing it, and ones we hold dear coming in and out of a revolving door symbolizing that great novel we call life. Also, that dream closet that you think you have finally organized only to realize its a mess. Well that's the twenty-something twinzies. We each see our twenties thus far as a beautiful mess.


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Chapters of the twenties: 20,21, 22, 23, 24, & currently 25....


Moments in life include fairy dust and sparkling moments full of champagne ,but then it comes to the real stuff. Everyone is trying to figure out who they are and what they want to be. Those are what we call growing pains; its not all the glamour but the rough times that make you who you are. What we have each learned thus far in life is what is done in love is done well. Love what you do, do what you love, and be kind. Everything else will sort itself out. Basically dance in the pouring rain because without a little storm there is no rainbow so throw the clothes on the floor, fight with your best friends, fall in love and fall out of it, and don't ever give up.

The twenty-somethings are also for learning to be weird, fun, humble, crazy, true, kind, a friend to everyone you meet, be a diva, and to be the queen of your own life. Doing all this while riding a merry go round is what it feels like. Through all the learning and trials what has made us both stronger is knowing that at the end of the day we have each other and our crazy love for clothes, fashion, designers, and hope. Hoping that this year will bring fabulous outfits, more fun memories, and of course cute boys! Owning who you are is a challenge we both are still working on that but that's what the twenties are for.


Two Twinzies 5 Wishes:

1.) Visit cute stores (Travel)

2.)Always forget the rules if you like it wear it (Over Accessorize & Wear black and brown at the same time)

3.)Be happy in cute UGGs and Chucks

4.)Drink Mimosas when stressed

5.)Worry  Less and Laugh More



Eat cake, drink champagne, laugh a lot, love more, and wear it while rocking it of course!




The Twinzies*