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Twinzies: A Crazy Twin Pack of Reese's

Fashion is a creative outlet especially for the Twinzies. Although different we each have our own path ranging from colorful boho chic to dark and classic yet sometimes to striped twists. Lately, inspiration has come from the dirt roads running through our hearts and the fashion twists running through our veins. What we do sometimes inspires other people too.Working together like a " 2 Pack of Reese's" the mission is to take what we love and make it a creative outlet; inspiration to spark the creative outlet in other people so that they feel confident to rock whatever they want the minute that they step out of bed onto that cold rustic wooden floor.

Beginning with that wake up ideal we are each inspired by P.J. Salvage, Jeffrey Campbell, Wild Fox Couture (we are both wild foxes at heart), Rails LA, Free People  and polka-dots (WYNK BOUTIQUE). That whole ideal of "fashion never sleeping" that carries through the night as well. On those sleepless nights together we tag team searching, finding, and creating because it’s all about staying inspired while in the cutest P.J.’s.

Making real life using our make believe ideals is sometimes the best because no limit is impossible. Challenging what is the status quo is what we do. Self-expression is just that do what you love because you can’t be the absolute best version of yourself if you don’t take risks. Taking risks is what fashion is all about and is definitely one avenue one can just go in the closet and do… have fun. At least that is part of our job and how we have fun…the best part is that we enjoy pulling outfits together with our closest friends, family, and mom. Seeing the smile on their faces by the twinzies craziness is one of the best even by people we don’t even know.

Taking risks is what it is all about without change or taking a chance one will never know. That runs into fashion, real-life, love, careers, school, and moving. Whichever path you are headed down remember that just because change is scary sometimes it is worth it!