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Twinzies: Halloween's Little Monsters Are Coming

(hot topic, converse, for love & lemons, Suicide Squad)

The twinzies are so glad that they live in a world where there are indeed Octobers. Those Octobers include hoodies/cardis, bonfires, UGGies, knee high socks, picnic scarves, coffees, everything accessorized with those cute pumpkins/pumpkin spice, haunted houses, and of course what the little monsters love: Halloween. This year our Mermaid Gypsy decided to pull Ariel out of the water and make her a Disney Princess and of course our Nightmare Queen had to channel a little Harley Queen from this years Suicide Squad. To gear up for this years horrors the twinzies each decided to do a little consignment store shopping, closet digging, some etsy shopping, and eBay treating (it was all about DIY: DO IT YOURSELF and pulling a few fun tricks out of the twinzies witch bag). 



Our Ariel has always been fond of the Tiffany blue sea and cute bathes, but she also wants to be where the people are... with the X-Mas lights, the UGGies, the sequin dresses, and scale leggings. Inspired by Ariel year round this girl applied some glitter to her cheeks, grabbed that red bralette by for love & lemons, and remained anchored to  the sea by a Betsey Johnson necklace and Flounder plush. Her real life Ariel costume includes a second hand prom dress, black milk scale leggings, and a sea star bracelet among those Kate Spade bangles. Any mermaid needs the proper footwear and those designer Jimmy Choo UGGies are the only fit for this sea star queen.

This mermaid daily believes in glitter, overdoing everything, rocking an UGGie with anything (her own personal fins), and writing her secrets in the sand. This girl may live on the sand with a Midwest soul ,but the west coast sea will always have her heart. Life may be full of bubbles and cupcakes , but for the girl who has always believed in mermaids this costume definitely fits that dream at least for one night. Diggings through ones closet full of accessories that included that anchor was the perfect touch. On the other hand finding that gown that would scream I'm Ariel and I now have feet to rock  UGGies was another story (found that in a local consignment store window). Other must haves have been found along this mermaids journey.


Being a Harley Quinn is no easy task and definitely wasn't for our Nightmare Queen. Inspired by this years block buster film and sick soundtrack from SUICIDE SQUAD Chelsey decided this Halloween she would add a revolver and baseball bat with a PUDDIN choker to her list. Becoming a gorgeous Harley took skill and craft and a lot of research. Building props was a must for this Nightmare to come true. No true Harley (Margot Robbie) can exist without a graffiti-ed baseball bat with lyrics from the comics, and "I Started a Joke," by the Bee Gees. To be Mistah J's Queen...a fake revolver was built. Found on etsy this put-together gun was a instant must have. In addition this year Hot Topic put out an amazing collection paying tribute to the film. A few select pieces from that collection made this wanna be Harley's dream come true.



Paying tribute to all the gorgeous Queens of Gotham/Harley's out there... this doll face added that classic studded belt (always a must for any girl), a PUDDIN choker (Chokers are a classic statement anyway), and those knee high chucks. What was fun about becoming a Harley Quinn was the fact that each one  of us is our own. We are all beautiful little monsters anyway especially on Halloween. Rocking some sparkling spanx, fishnet tights, and some tattooed leggings was also a must. Going all out on Halloween is what makes it so much fun. So bottom line dress a little crazy, wear a little too much makeup, and get dressed up like a Harley because this babe sure did. Adding to that classic Jack Skellington wardrobe is a little edgy Harley who isn't afraid to look a little scary because living for Mistah J is what its all about.






Cheers to fall little monsters and remember that every day is Halloween isn't it? For some of us...




The Twinzies*