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                It has definitely been a year of learning and re-designing the idea of the “Twinzies,” those layers have included fabulous outfits, but many life lessons as well. Life lessons including the reality of the fashion business, the idea of owning who you are, and growing into two new people. Two people a year ago that left Cali and FIDM to start the next chapter of life. FIDM was an amazing adventure that we both miss everyday; the library, our professors, all the girls and seeing their amazing outfits, the friends we made, the food, the fashion shows, down-town San Diego, and of course the beach.

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                The reality of the business…the twinzies have taken the memories and all those fabulous divas from San Diego, CA along with them. Learning so much  and working with our professors and witnessing designers in action prepared us for many different sides. Today, balancing our crazy twinzie fashion personalities and look can be difficult. Balancing life behind the scenes at a dream closet boutique Wynk and a national brand the Buckle has definitely put our education to work . Learning what it takes to stand in both worlds yet please that person who desperately wants a cute outfit can be inspiring and difficult(yet how can I do this?). It’s been on the layers of what comes naturally to us and defining what will make that girl love what she is wearing while thinking outside of the box.

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                The reality of things is that our dream is to stick it together and rock this world show our perspective on what we call “layers,” and “style,” while still owning who we both are as people and never losing each other at the same time . Courtney is still full of confetti, prints, cheetah, color, and sparkle with flower headbands and the only girl who rocks UGGs in the summer. Chelsey well she is still rocking that classic black, checkered flannel, chuck taylors, and ripping her own denim DIY! The key is to try to be who we are yet staying connected can be difficult at times while trying to stay afloat. Life after college is hard the journey doesn't end it continues. You never know where you'll end up. 

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                What has kept us both connected is still the love for fashion, clothes, and design. Finding our spot in the world has not yet come to a destination, but we are still looking. Each of us has significantly changed over this past year we have lost friends, love, and learned so much about who we are in the process. Losing yourself is easy, but standing your ground while everyone is expecting something else is even greater. It is a layered journey that has made us each see how we have a job in this world. That job is to be kind, be open, be forgiving, and show others what lies within our hearts and that is being bold...owing who you are.



The Twinzies*