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Twinzies: Tailgating Summer Nights with Wynk Boutique


Every doll has a closet grocery list of faves/must goes and must haves. For the Twinzies this closet like boutique continues to inspire, create, and bring true beauty to fashion and life. Wynk Boutique is located in Kearney, Nebraska. This boutique brings inspiration, travel (so many brands from all over the globe), and so much more closeted in a just a store. Wynk is that one spot that carries those higher end brands such as Wild Fox Couture, JoesJeans, True Religion, Free People, Old Gringo boots, Kippy’s belts, Brave 1992, vintage must-haves/thrift finds found in Los Angeles, CA, Hudson, Bed Stu, LoveNail Tree, and many more. Going to this little boutique doesn't always involve shopping it incorporates a closet like atmosphere filled with beautiful clothes that scream individual, boho, rocker, and country-girl that has style all in one. The layout from the floor to the lit chandeliers on the ceiling screams a hidden fashion wonderland located in the Mid-West. Wynk is on the list of must-stops because of the quality, individuality, and creative edge. The Twinzies had to take advantage and incorporate some of their vintage grabs, and classic pieces with our own “layered twist!”

For our boho-princess (Courtney) she wanted to incorporate the fringe Alise boot by Old Gringo with something that screamed boho-princess literally! Her latest find at the closet of Wynk is a long floor-length "Kelly Osborne" purple striped skirt by Free People that uniquely showed the boots with slits in the front. Adding to that look involved her incorporating a cute crop from last year by Free People and layering it with a Cheetah crop over the top. Adding to that layered look she added some of her favorite accessories a laundry list literally (dozen rings, flower headband-made into a bracelet, and a Virgins, Saints, & Angels necklace tied with a pink Bed Head lip.

Continuing on Court wanted to continue that boho-inspired princess look by grabbing a new piece that just came into Wynk. Creating this look meant distancing herself from the rainbow just a little bit, but throwing it back in all the same. She was drawn to a specific white dress by Freeway. This dress itself is white/cream in nature, but by incorporating a Sweetie Pie Scarf added that boho touch. Of course the boho girl had to add in her rainbow with some patched Free People leggings. Tying this look all together meant grabbing those Alise fringe Old Gringo boots. What girl wouldn't love incorporating her new favorite pair of boots? Last, but not least she had to incorporate a Believe necklace, and Alex and Ani braclets! When completely put together what boho-girl wouldn't want to steal this look?

On the other hand the Nightmare chic (Chelsey) was inspired by something a little more edgy. That edginess involved something with a piece of history and something a little new. Taking a vintage ARMY jacket with history and respect meant taking that and using it as a piece of strength and beauty. Using that vintage ARMY jacket the rocker chic took pieces that normally wouldn't match up and pieced them together. Beginning with a simple pair of high rise stripped jeggings she began and grabbed a Free People lace number and paired it with some short Old Gringo boots. From that the piece was beautiful in itself, but care took in incorporating that vintage ARMY jacket. Tying it all together was essential with our Nightmare girl’s classic bandanna, black Brave 1992 belt, Ray Ban shades, and boho-feather headband. The ARMY jacket: a piece of history, longevity, and strength was essential to the rocker chics overall piece stitched together.

Last, but not least the Nightmare girl is continuously inspired by the image of those back country roads, dirt road anthems, and them Nebraska stars. Incorporating all this in to one meant grabbing those infamous studded Old Gringo boots, favorite Kippy’s belt, and one of the latest Rails flannels found at Wynk. She incorporated a would be cute bikini mesh top with that boho-feather headband and bandanna to complete the overall look.  The perf look a flannel doll would grab for Summer especially with all the concerts screaming through the summer nights. What country girl wouldn't want to rock that look to grab that cute country boy…chasing those 23 Nebraska sunsets.


*Enjoy the fantasy: an image of chasing those summer nights in those checkered flannels finding those new beginnings and endings to each day nothing but magical especially in fun outfits…*



-The Twinzies*