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Brand: Armed and Glamorous

         Coming May 2017...the Twinzies have been working over a year and a half on our very own brand. It all started with a sketch pad and ideas of strength, ammunition, and glamour. We wanted to create something that may not be on the runway but for the guys & dolls to rock on the daily a t-shirt and vintage flannels. Chelsey has always had a love for guns and tied to that is that many friends and family members in the military. The right to bear arms has always been a constant reminder of freedom and choice thus "Armed."
        In our eyes "Armed" comes from the idea of defense and protection rather and the idea of strength. On the other hand "Glamorous": to us means always feeling strong, independent, and beautiful. Adding a touch of glamour is always a must. That touch of glamour is another important aspect of our brand because feeling beautiful/glamorous is always important....because we are all beautiful in our own special way. Tying these two together is very significant because we both were born in the mid-west its always been our home, our start, and thus that country, shooting guns, driving down dirt roads, hot summers, and flat plains has always been a background. On the other hand is the glamorous side. We both are about clothes, makeup, shoes, bags the whole nine, but just because we like clothes doesn't mean we aren't afraid to be a little edgy, get a little muddy, or shoot some guns. Being glamorous doesn't necessarily mean being red-carpet ready. It means feeling beautiful and confident in who you are. Knowing that you are enough and strong enough to conquer this world and kick-ass no matter what.
      Life will challenge you and take you on roads that you never expected to go. You won't always feel armed and at your strongest...and you won't always feel glamorous either. You will feel like a hot mess, but guess what at the end of the day there is more and you will get through it. That target is our very own gun-sight. You must keep that in mind. Our brand Armed & Glamorous is for that. When you rock our brand remember you are strong.... a complete bad-ass, you are glamorous, and at the end of the day that is all you need to know
       As twins we both have always been together and as far as this journey called life goes we are in it together. It may be a bit crazy, a little wild, maybe a little too much but that's our motto go big or go home. Courtney is a little mermaid inspired inspired by Marie Antoinette, sprinkles, glitter, mini-pigs, UGG boots, stuffed animals, crowns, cupcakes, everything pink, and something that shines bright like a diamond. Chelsey on the other hand is a little nightmare rock n' roll queen who has always had a love for guns, destructed jeans, chuck taylors, bandanas, trucks, dirt roads, lives in a Halloween world, and is inspired by the Nightmare Before Christmas. We both are complete opposites, but so is our brand.   Thus our very own (copyright & trademark) brand was born. 
Our style is our "ARMOR" empowered  and armed with a legacy.... @armedandglamorous 
XoXo -The Twinzies* ❤????