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About Us

Our legacy....babes behind the brand....
It all began with two twinzies born in Nebraska with California souls. We both (Courtney Halligan & Chelsey Halligan) inherited the crazy artistic, passionate, hardworking, and chase your dreams kind of souls from both of our parents. To them we owe it all. Throughout school it was all about art, history, and any design we could take. We kind of were either known as the hobos by some or the crazy twins who had a passion/love for clothes. Upon graduating it was all about finding our way and again fashion it was. A girlfriend pointed us in the direction of FIDM in San Diego, CA. So, we packed our bags and for two years slayed at fashion school where we met some incredible people (professors, friends, classmates) who challenged us and became our family. We each faced many trials that included presentations, day-to-day life, balance, and living two separate lives between Cali and Nebraska. After graduating we decided to find our roots again and moved back to Nebraska. The journey is a wild reckless one and for two twinzies we wouldn't change it.

For us it has always been about bringing the runway to everyday. Never be afraid and don't hesitate to challenge ideas, boundaries, and goals. With that idea in mind these babes wanted to create their very own brand. A brand that everyone including the guys & dolls to rock on the daily. Something that anyone can wear and feel badass in. It all started with a sketch pad and our parents pushing us to create something of our very own. Ideas of strength, ammunition, and glamour constantly were discussed and are part of what we both put out there and for the twinzies always what we encourage those we know and have encountered to believe in. 
Chelsey has always had a love for guns and tied to that is many friends and family members in the military. The right to bear arms has always been a constant reminder of freedom and choice thus "Armed." In our eyes "Armed" comes from the idea of defense and protection rather and the idea of strength. On the other hand "Glamorous": to us means always feeling strong, independent, and beautiful. Adding a touch of glamour is always a must. 
Keeping those key factors in mind is our slogan: Armed with a Legacy... because that is one of the main things you leave with whoever you meet is a legacy...who you are and that's what people remember. So always be armed with a legacy that includes being good to people, building them up, and reminding them how incredibly brilliant they are.
XoXo the Twinzies*