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The starting of the FALL SEASON is upon us darlings. One thing about these crazy TWINZIES  is that we love the holidays; especially FALL for Chelsey (favorite film is the Nightmare Before Christmas). For both of us FALL LOVES include hoodies/oversized sweaters, boots, flannels, Michael Kors fox tails, stockings, lipstick, layering, UGGies, chucks/converse, adorable sweats, & anything PUMPKIN SPICE. For ARMED & GLAMOROUS we have been working on the PART 1 RELEASE called the "GUN SHOW COLLECTION" & a 2ND PART TO THIS COLLECTION will be launched in October!!! For this first release we both wanted to again explore combining the idea of what it means to be ARMED and of course GLAMOROUS. Our mission when first building this brand was to create a something that our boys & dolls could rock without hesitation with that touch of badassery. 

Changing of seasons meant its time to expand beyond the original plan and create some sick gear for the FALL/WINTER MONTHS. In creating the GUN SHOW COLLECTION we each incorporated our own ideas of what we would wear and the ideas GLAMOUR & REPUTATION. A&G is now almost four months old and in that short time we have developed what we call our "ARMED SQUAD." OUR "ARMED SQUAD" includes those we love and know who have supported A&G and even more awesome those who rock our brand for us just because they love it. We got that ARMED & GLAMROUS REPUTATION & we didn't want to disappoint with the coming new FALL COLLECTION. This season may even be shedding more light on our own personal styles that we wanted to give you all from the very beginning. 

The designers of ARMED & GLAMOROUS themselves have a little rock, a little glamour, & just something a little too much as well (as Court always says GO BIG OR GO HOME), but that's our ARMOR. With those ideas again in mind we began planning a ZIP-UP HOODIE & ARMED PANTS that pretty much sums up our "ARMED GEAR." The designing of these pieces began with papers thrown all over the floor in our basement with a sketchpad: literally a blank canvas with endless possibilities.  We wanted to continue that "ARMED LEGACY" so we pulled ideas from our logos & former ARMED ACCESSORIES. Black is kind of our signature thus far so we thought why not keep the party going? It's classic and can literally be dressed up or down thanks to Coco Chanel ya'll. Our classic t's are so soft and comfortable that we wanted to continue with that blend of cotton/polyester in our gear. Designing these pieces literally started with just a basic sweat-pant/sweat-shirt that was entirely black with white strings.
We wanted it to be elaborate with designs touching every part of the piece. For the hoodie we were inspired by our "ARMED SNPABACK HATS" and that font with the AK47 always as a finishing touch. We had to combine that on both the hoodie & pant. Our dad gave us the idea of military epaulettes ( an ornamental shoulder piece on an item of clothing, typically on the coat or jacket of a military uniform) that we combined on the right shoulder and you will soon see on our unqiue Camo jackets in the next release. Going forward to the pants we wanted them to be fun & a little sassy. That is why we stuck "ARMED" across the booty. We had to incorporate some stripes to make it kind of unique and jailbirdish. Also, the gun-sight was a touch we had to keep from our t-shirts that to us represents: FAITH & that TARGET (YOUR DREAMS, DESTINATION, LONG-TERM GOALS, FAMILY, & WHATS TRULY IMPORTANT). 
It's always been about what inspires us essentially our AMMUNITION. We each have our own personal style, taste in music, fashion, views, personalities but connect on so many different levels when it comes to style that we come up with some pretty wild things that end up kinda cool. For both of us its about the memories, and people who have influenced us. Sometimes that's where bullet holes have occurred but you learn from those times and stand up different and stronger because of that. That's what ARMED & GLAMOROUS has been about from day one. It's about knowing that life will not be perfect 100% of the time its a mess literally, but there are some pretty incredible moments too that become apart of who you are. It's about owning it and knowing that because that happened to you you are a STRONGER & BETTER PERSON because it happened to you that's your ARMOR. On the other hand beyond the ARMOR it's the GLAMOUR. GLAMOUR isn't all about the DIAMONDS its about you knowing that you are badass & beautiful exactly as you are. Don't try and change who you are to be someone else be you because that's what makes you you. All of our journeys are different and twisted as they may be but it is your journey no one else's so own it. 
When the SEPTEMBER ISSUE began we were literally wrapping our ideas up with the GUN SHOW COLLECITON and DMilaco Sports Fashions was getting all of our gear ready for the GUN SHOW. . We were planning a banner, picking out our gun show supplies, and gearing up to go to the show. It all ended up better than we could have ever hoped. We are so excited to present you with part 1 of our FALL COLLECTION: THE GUN SHOW COLLECTION. Looking forward to OCTOBER & the next GUN SHOW. STAY TUNED FOR THE PART 2 RELEASE OF THE GUN SHOW COLLECITON.
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