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One of the many reasons Armed & Glamorous began in the first place was because of the people we are inspired friend Joe is definitely one of those people. He probably is one of the most badass and strongest individuals I know. The first day I met him was pretty much one of those times where you realize he has seen more than most and he isn't even 21 yet. 

Around 4 years ago this guy was in a hospital bed and his outlook on life wasn't the greatest. Darkness surrounded him but his girlfriend and family were his constant. During that time he spent two weeks at Boys Town National Research Hospital fighting to literally stay on this earth. After three surgeries and long hours he today has won his battle with Ulcerative Colitis. 
Joe is still today fighting and giving back. He is involved so much at UNK and is active in our hometown giving back and a big part of Pi Kappa Alpha: a fraternity at UNK. Refusing to give up and make each day count Joe is a symbol of strength, fight, and wears his scars as his armor. 

Meeting Joe was like meeting family that you didn't realize you had. He waltzed into the Buckle first day on the job he gets stuck with the girl that looks like a nightmare dressed as a daydream (flannels, black eyeshadow, emo hair, chuck taylors, and ripped jeans). Since day one he has known that even though I look like a punk rocker and Courtney looks like a Mermaid bombshell he still loves the crazy twinzies anyway.  He has become one of my best friends and I admire so much about him. He is honest, true, gives back more than he takes always, and constantly laughs at me but makes me realize through so much bad there is still beauty and hope. 

Early on before Armed & Glamorous started Joe believed in two crazy twins who have a love for clothes and a legacy. He decided that it was cool enough to rock. The Armed & Glamorous journey began when we each were struggling with losing friends, questioning our path, and realizing the importance of staying true to who we both are. Armed and Glamorous embraces all that. The mess, the journey, and the light at the end of the tunnel. The journey is always a mess as it should be but the legacy...remembering its important what you leave behind is what really matters. At the end of the day its about loving the people that mean the most to you, treasuring the memories, and becoming stronger from those bullet holes. Those scars are something that show strength and power and should be worn as armor...its about how far you have truly came. Sharing his story is just part of what Armed & Glamorous is all about. Its about the journey, knowing that there will always be bullet holes, but knowing that there is always a way to overcome, endure, and fight for that target.

Its the people and the moments in life that truly matter the most. They cannot be bought or obtained only shared. Joe is one person that  has taken life by the horns and fought for what he believed in and made each day truly count. So remember babes its all about being armed with that legacy.