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Discovering CAMO became a fashion statement for the twinzies since way back in middle school. Camo to us has always been a basic must have. Its like cheetah or stripes, but then again being a little extra has never really occurred to us. It's always been about rocking whatever we think is cool with a fun twist. We literally began our CAMO Jacket adventure about 4 months ago. From the beginning we wanted to pull together what we love to rock & our go to statements like over-sized jackets and share with others. Courtney has always combined CAMO into her world of cheetah, tulle, and sparkle. Chelsey on the other hand has had some dear friends that meant the world to her choose to join the military and fight for our country. The people in our lives have always inspired us and because of that what we create continues that legacy that they left with us.  For that reason we combined the ideas of glamour, sparkle, and courage into what we call our ARMED GEAR (M-65 and SWISS ARMY SNIPER JACKETS).

The idea of our jackets literally began shortly after we released our "ARMED NEW ERA SNAPBACKS," all because of dad. One day he brought us an M-65 field jacket that he had found and said girls what do you think about exploring the idea of a CAMO JACKET? Literally this guy has had to deal with 3 girls and their overflowing closets for years and an over abundance of jackets, but somehow he loves us anyway and brings us so many ideas. The CAMO Jacket to us was an amazing piece already, but we pondered what would take this little guy to the next level? So we started exploring what we wanted to do with it. Courtney has numerous ARMY jackets that she loves and for her these we had to make pretty special. We always love the details in what we each personally buy and we wanted to create a jacket that we would buy ourselves with those intricate details. It started with a little love and time at DMilaco Sports Fashions. They did their magic and branded our Jackets and from there we thought something was still missing. We needed a little paint, some glitter (always add more of course), and patches that inspired us but had that specialty factor. 


After branding these babies we had to add some fun. The twins literally spent hours picking out patches to add to these individual and one of a kind jackets. No two are the exact same and that's the way we wanted it to be. As far as all the patches go we had to add some letterman inspired fun to the breast pockets. We both have always been inspired by our dads letterman jacket and loved the way that looked. From there on our traditional green camo jackets Chelsey took some white paint and went to town. It took some time but these jackets needed a little sass. The pink camo though had enough going on with all the pockets and it stands well enough on its own. We also both love history and we wanted to take something a little more old-school and traditional and add a spin on things. So we found a few epaulettes that are used as an ornamental shoulder piece on a military uniform. The shoulder piece representing that constant idea of faith & direction as seen on our tees with the gun-sight. As far as other patch accessories we incorporated some fun sequin Egyptian inspired eyes, a rainbow, and some fun lips for that steam punk rocker look. Plus some fun WONDER WOMAN patches because again it has always been a must in our overall brand message the ideas of strength, fight, & reminding everyone that you are a badass even if you don't feel like it everyday! On the epaulette sleeve we added an American Flag touch and a glittering star. It is vital to remember the courage and what that flag stands for. On the back both of our jackets our logo of an AK 47 and arrows represents that legacy we want to constantly remind ya'll of what it means always be ARMED & GLAMOROUS. The finishing touch is our angel wings at the bottom: a symbol of fight and belief. 



 These jackets have been such a big part of our lives the last 4 months. There were so many struggles along the way and they passed through so many different hands but we couldn't be prouder of how they turned out. A few times we both questioned did we over do on these because they are indeed one-of-a-kind and indeed specialty made. But we wanted to bring ya'll only the best and a Camo jacket that one couldn't just find anywhere. Each jacket has its own original patches and differences so these field jackets are indeed a gift to whoever rocks them. We really took these guys to the next level and added some of our own personal style to them. A little rock & glamour went a long way with these babes. A little too much has never occurred to us when it comes to fashion and clothing (at times it probably should but never)...We hope ya'll love them as much as we do. Each jacket is its own artistic piece as it should be and why not have a CAMO Jacket that has its own presence as it should to represent who you are, what you believe in, and what you want to tell others without having to say it. 

 Here we are looking at month 12 of 12. We wanted to end this year with a BANG and these CAMO beauties are our little gift to you guys. 12/8 these guys will be live on our website & be featured at WYNK Boutique Kearney at a trunk show. Armed & Glamorous has come so far its crazy to think we began with a little t-shirt and flannel. It still gives us both chills when we see people rocking our brand. We are so thankful for all who have supported us, believed in us, and helped us along this path we call life. It's is truly different for everyone there is no wrong or right way. It's important to be original and to know we each have our very own beautiful journey. For us that's what A&G is all about our little journey we want to share. Cheers to the coming Holiday 2017 Season and the release of these gems.



Heres to 12 of 12 lets make the last one the best one.


The Twinzies*