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For the Twinzies, the holidays are an exciting time of year to represent personal fashion expression. We both love the change of seasons (the fall leaves, snow, you get the idea). Halloween is one holiday when we go all out...when do we not?. This year we both channeled our inner childhood and found our favorite classics again. Court brought forth her love of mermaids and Ariel  & "The Little Mermaid". Chels black and white had to be represented but with a Tim Burton/Thom Browne  flare/rock edge. So she decided to go with Jack the Skeleton King from "A Nightmare Before Christmas." Of course when it came planning these outfits,  we didn't just go to the store and buy a costume! We went to our closet full of layers and of course had to venture to eBay, boutiques, and our favorite little spots to build our character. We wanted to have a lil' fun, but add a touch of flair and fashion fun to the Halloween dress code. Like we've mentioned before one can never overdo or add to much even to a costume.


Ariel "The Little Mermaid": (Sherri Hill dress, Hero & Villian Designs, Ikea Fork, Disney Plush Flounder, Purple Flower, Jewels)


For Courtney the real question was how do I become Ariel (how do I walk around with red hair, a shell bra, tail, and flower/starfish in my hair?). Well, as can seen above a bedazzled/jeweled Sherri Hill dress came into play (as seen in Selena Gomez's Love You Like a Love Song video). Other layered accessories included scaled tights (perfect color match to Ariel's tail fin), Ariel's partner in crime Flounder plush, a red wig, jeweled studs, and to top it off a purple sunflower! So, as looking above this modern, yet fashion interpretation taps into the Ariel character with a fun colorful edge. 


Jack: "The Nightmare Before Christmas": (Snoopy Plush, James Dean white T-Shirt, Bordello Stilettos, URB Clothing/Dripping tights, Bandanna, Face Paint-Target)



Chelsey she had to figure out a way to become "The Pumpkin King," while still keeping her rocker chic. She channeled her inner Britney and Megan Fox with some sexy stilletos, cute Forever 21 ruffled shorts, and a handmade costume she found on eBay. Becoming Jack was no easy task to do while keeping a fashion statement intact. Chelsey was inspired by her usual rocker chic, but wanted to be truly transformed so she completed the look with a face-paint kit, skeleton gloves, and dripping URB clothing leggings.




 Halloween is just another day of the year but also a time to express creativity and originality. This year we incorporated our every day wardrobe into with our layered fashion expression and created our own ideal of Halloween. We are loving it...hope you are too.


Happy Halloween-don't forget to layer your personal candy/accessories and have fun! 

XOXO-The Twinzies*