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Beauties it's that time of year again when lights cover houses, we wish for snow, we constantly carry warm super cute coffees, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, wear UGGs as a statement piece, and most of are thankful for what 2015 has given us. Christmas is that time of year where the color red is fabulous and is not only fashionable on Santa Claus. Its that time where we each scout to and fro for gifts for those family and besties. This Christmas the twinzies have been planning and decorating with glitter and bows. We wanted to share a little bit of what this holiday season has been about for us.

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For the love of macaroons our gypsy chic this year has been decorating trees (stuffing them full of ornaments, bows, stars, and glitter twigs), wrapping in prints, and adding a little sparkle wherever she goes. This time of year means the Victoria's Secret fashion show with rhinestone outfits including glistening angel wings. Inspiration always comes from that for the rest of the year. With Christmas soon approaching looking back she pulled together some of her favorite things to be thankful for: a for love & lemons lace number, a boho sweater, a cheetah backpack, UGGs of course, and glistening tights...some of her favorite things.

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Obsessively waiting for Christmas is what this Nightmare Queen will do...waiting in wonder what does all this mean while constantly reapplying that black lipstick. To this rock n' roll queen every year the holiday season brings Nightmareish films (The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Grinch, and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer), tales telling of holiday spirit and cheer even in a Halloween dream (debating what does Halloween and Christmas together mean...?). Although she does like to share this time of year decorating a Nightmare tree and presents with sparkling bows. With those wicked decorations comes the idea of keeping the ones we love close (meanwhile tying a bandanna with a list written on it of naughty and nice) but still the memories with those special things. That may include a plushy Rudolph, a Jack Skellington pillow, studded leather jacket, a rails tied up, a Defend Paris hoodie, and a Jack covered blanket. 

This year on our Christmas list darlings lets make it a list of wishes, memories, and precious things that we will always keep close to our hearts to hang on the tree each year. Looking forward to 2016 and the next blog "25."


Merry Christmas Darlings! 




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